One Industries Large Gearbag

PRICE: $99.95
APPLICATION: Red/black or blue/black [IMAGE 1]If you’re wondering why a graphic and seat cover company is trying to sell a gearbag, wonder no more. Two of the founders of One Industries have roots in the apparel business, and know a thing or two about building quality soft goods. The One Industries gearbag is hands-down, one of the best bags we have ever stuffed our smelly riding gear into. At 18″ tall, 15″ wide and 37″ long, the bag is big enough for a full set of gear, but not too big like some of the other offerings on the market. Aside from looking great, the bag features heavy-duty construction and well thought-out compartments. Our favorite thing about the One Industries gearbag is the side compartment that’s designed to carry your boots. Instead of using two small pockets to carry one boot on each side, the single wide compartment allows you to carry your both of your boots, side-by-side. There’s also room for a pair of knee braces and your funky socks, to boot! The main compartment is plenty roomy, with enough room for a couple sets of gear, plus a helmet and maybe even a chest protector. The straps are nice and wide, and the shoulder strap is attached at an angle, which makes walking with the bag much easier. The only gripe we had with our test bag was a lack of grab handles on both sides (ours had only one), but we’ve been informed that since we complained about it, a second handle has been added.
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