O’Neal ’06 Lineup

O’Neal recently shipped us one of their new ’06 catalogs to thumb through, and that prompted us to gave Chris Honnold a shout to find out what’s new with the O’Neal crew.

What’s new for ’05 with O’Neal product?

So many exciting things have been happening at O’Neal. We’ve been in business more than 36 years and keep growing. At this time we are still looking for a new building so we can expand. Our 06′ gear is awesome this year and is flying off the shelves. My amateur program is out-of-control fast, and stay tuned for the big boys.

Have your responsibilities changed over the last year?

My position hasn’t really changed much. I still take care of all amateur and professional riders. The only thing that has changed is I now take care of the product development side, working hand-in-hand with the riders and our head designer “Rudy.”

What areas have you expanded in?

The 06′ Line offers a lot of new products. We’ve released the all new “AirWear” Pant and jersey. If it’s hot we got you covered. Also an under protector, a new Blur Goggle, and custom graphic lids. Wait, I can’t give it all to you, log on to oneal.com and check it out for yourself.

We’ve also added a couple new colorways to the Hardwear and Airwear family. Also a crazy selection of helmet paint schemes.

Is it my imagination, or do you have a lot larger helmet offering?

We have a huge helmet variety, we cater to little kids, weekend warriors, freestyle and your professional racer.

As far as pants and jerseys we have added a couple new exciting colorways, and the all new Airwear line.

Did you go nuts on colorways? Keep things relatively conservative? Or go somewhere in between?

O’Neal is known as conservative, so this year “Rudy” and I threw in a couple risqué colors to warm Jim (O’Neal) up to change. Jim likes conservative and simple, but you know us young guns, we like to mix it up a little bit.

Mike LaRocco’s been a franchise guy for O’Neal for years. How long do you expect him to be an O’Neal guy, and is the hunt on for a replacement? Or is Broc your 250 guy of the future, and you look at other 125 guys?

Mike has been the man for years, he never gives up and I would never count him out. No one will re-place the Rock. We look forward to supporting the Rock for the length of his career. Broc no doubt will be the next 250 Rider of the future.

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