O’Neal USA Signs Multi-Year Deal With Broc Hepler

Chatsworth, CA – August 25, 2003 — O’Neal USA, a leading manufacturer of quality clothing apparel and accessories since 1970, has signed a multi-year deal with 17-year-old Broc Hepler to wear O’Neal Racing apparel.

Broc Hepler is a rising young star who recently raced for the first time ever as a professional in Millville, Minnesota at the 9th round of the AMA/Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championships and finished an impressive 11th overall. Broc’s impressive first race made him the top finishing Suzuki rider of the day.

“All in all I think my first pro race went really well! I didn’t pass out in the heat and I didn’t crash in the whoops. I got a lot of support from all of my sponsors and I learned a lot this weekend. It seemed like everyone was stopping by to offer advice and support. People like Cole Gress and Rick Johnson from Suzuki, my mechanic, Jason, and Broc Glover from Dunlop gave me lots of good advice. My parents were really supportive — like they have been since the beginning,” said Hepler.

He followed up his impressive debut ride with a solid 12th overall at this past weekend’s Binghamton National, round 10 of the AMA/ Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championship.

Hepler has been on the rise this past year impressing all those who watched him race and those who raced against him. Starting with the US Open in 2002 when Hepler won all 4 motos convincingly in the 125 class. Then Hepler went on to Mammoth to get second place in the 250 pro class finishing just behind former World Champion and current 125 National points leader Grant Langston.

In his last race before turning professional full time, Broc won the 250A class at the Loretta Lynn’s AMA Amateur Championships.

Brian Rost at O’Neal USA says, “We have been watching Broc for quite some time now. As impressive as Broc is on the track, he is all the more impressive off the track. Broc has an outstanding attitude and a great family to support his professional career. O’Neal is proud to support Broc in his professional efforts and we look forward to working with Broc throughout his professional career.”