Opportunity Lost: Dave O’s. Thank you to Buell.

Having to start the coming week after the MXoN victory was definitely a high note &a plus. Went into work (Buell) on Monday feeling great. No worries. In fact one of the engine suppliers techs was flying into to Milwaukee to test with us for the week.Had the dyno & track ready for us as we’d roll through it. I couldn’t wait. You see, I was hired, brought into help the Buell Motorcycle Co. attempt to build an “American Offroad Bike.” I was brought in bythe company namesake, Erik Buell himself. In fact when he called me up afterleaving YOT, I didn’t believe it was really him. I thought it was a buddy playing ajoke on me. It wasn’t. It was real & I took it very serious. Few, if any, ever get this chance, the chance to make history. Failure wasn’t an option for me.I even coined the phrase for the many engineers there I interacted with as “theend user.” We’re all end users really. Even RC, James, & Mitch Payton. Allend users, & that’s fine. I’ve been on some of the best teams in the history ofAmerican motocross, but even at the factory level, your still largely just an “enduser”, but with better connections so to speak to get what & where you want.So to the Harley/Buell organization I say thank you for the huge opportunityyou instilled in me. Though many times I felt like giving up, the team effort &many of my team kept me going strong. During this project, still living in So.Calif. & commuting to Wisconsin was tough. Since January I’ve been homeless than I’ve been back there at Buell. At times even my dogs thought I was a stranger at first. So thanks to my family, who’s always behind me. Thanks tomy team, the cast & crew I worked with daily. Through the good & bad, I’ll missyou guys. So hence “opportunity lost”. We would have made history. Now I’mhome, time to move on. Once again, to all the Buell people, thanks. Thepleasure was mine & maybe we’ll cross paths again. Also, a huge thank youto Live Nation & to the NPG for all your help in helping me to show my guys,my team, SX & MX at its best as we went to many races. To all my buds on themany teams out there that took the time to talk to my guys, & the several brandsI tried to bring into the fold of our project, I appreciate all your time & help. So you see my, “Opportunity lost”. See you at the races.

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Dave Osterman