Outdoor Prep – Jessy Nelson Putting In Laps

Lucas Oil/Troy Lee Designs/Honda’s Jessy Nelson has already begun prepping for the outdoor season.

The sport of motocross can be challenging and unforgiving on many different levels: Tracks are ever changing, the competition is always advancing, and injuries play a major role in every racer's career. Heading into this year's Monster Energy AMA West Coast Supercross series, Lucas Oil/Troy Lee Designs/Honda's Jessy Nelson had a big crash at the test track, breaking his sternum and forcing him to sit on the couch for six weeks. After getting released to ride just before Anahiem I, Nelson did his best to get back in shape, was able to line up for the first round, and has been a consistent top-10 finisher since. For Nelson, though, it hasn't been enough. More crashes and injuries have held him back, as he has limped his way towards the season's break. With nearly two months to recover and get back to his former race shape, Nelson has begun preparing for the outdoor season is looking towards the final two rounds of Supercross.

We're here at Glen Helen and you're already testing for outdoors, but lets step back a little and talk about your Supercross season so far.
Yeah, we're testing for outdoors already, and kind of getting ready for the first round. Supercross has been a rollercoaster for me. I've been in the top-10 every weekend, but that isn't where I want to be--I want to be in the top-five or top-three every weekend. Unfortunately, having injuries has held me back. No excuses, though, I just need to start getting better and stay off the ground for once.

What has been your highlight of the Supercross season so far?
I really haven't had too many yet. I think the biggest thing for me has been being able to race, because I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to line up for the first few rounds. I was just happy to be lining up for A1 and be out there on my motorcycle.

The break in the 250 West Coast series gives riders a chance to get a head start on outdoor preparation.

What injury were you dealing with?
Not a lot of people knew about it, but I broke my sternum right before A1 and got released to ride right before the season started. I didn't get much time on the bike, because I spent six weeks not riding before the season, which sucked. Then I've just been struggling with injuries throughout the season. I dislocated my wrist at Oakland on a triple during the main. After that, I putted in for a seventh place finish. I got it worked on by Doc G in Costa Mesa after that, got it healed up, and started having to tape my wrist really good. I went out and raced the next race and the following week before San Diego, I had a big crash and messed up my elbow pretty good and re-injured my wrist. No one hears about the little stuff like that, but I just want to stay off the ground, continue going forward, and keep building.

Wow, you've been riding through a lot of injuries lately. Are you feeling like you're back to 100 percent now?
I took a week off after San Diego, got a little therapy done, and I've been feeling a lot better. I still have to tape my wrist, but I'm feeling a lot better. I'll get there.

Injuries have hindered Nelson’s season so far, but he hopes he can use this break to his advantage.

Now that you're beginning to transition into outdoors, are you looking forward to a new beginning in May?
Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to outdoors. It's kind of like starting over. I'm also looking forward to the last couple rounds of Supercross, because I'll have this break to ride, be on my motorcycle, and get my fitness up to where it was before I got hurt.

When the Supercross season picks back up for you, what are your expectations?
I'm not really setting any high expectations, because I've always seemed to let myself down sometimes. It really bums me out when I set a high goal for myself and I don't achieve it. I'm just going to go out there, do the best that I can, and see where I finish.