OUTRIDE by Mophie
Application: Multi-sport POV kit for iPhone 4 and 4s
Price: $149.95

What It Is
The Outride turns your iPhone into a wide-angle action sports camera that is mountable to just about anything. The kit includes an impact-resistant polycarbonate case with interchangeable waterproof back panel, multiple mounts (including helmet, handlebar, tripod, and surfboard), extensions, and a phone app that hosts a community and allows you to instantly share your content.

– The durable polycarbonate shell and corresponding gaskets provide a well-sealed and protective and secure housing for your iPhone. We have felt pretty confident that our phone will remain safe and sound.

The polycarbonate shell and rubber gaskets keep your iPhone safe from the elements.

– The interchangeable waterproof backing has been tested to 5 meters or 16 feet, which is plenty for surfing, jet skiing, or pervin’ in da pool.

– The wide-angle lens provides a 120-degree viewing angle for video and 170 for photos.

– Just about every mount you would need is provided in the kit.

Curved mounts, flat mounts, a bar mount, tripod mount, and extensions are all provided in the Outride kit.

– Added bonus of the handlebar mount: We can easily use our phone as a hands-free GPS on the beach cruiser to find a new watering hole.

– The Outride app is awesome. Not only can you instantly post your video and photos, you have a complete online profile for interaction with friends or fans. The interface is painless and the layout is intuitive.

– If you share the majority of your video to social networks, the Outride cuts out the SD card, card reader, and laptop middlemen.

– A mounted Outride on the helmet can seem a bit cumbersome at first. It actually isn’t that noticeable once you’re riding, although you may feel like you have a small sail on your noggin, and getting goggles on and off can become a comedic endeavor.

-The $150 price tag can be a bit much to swallow, considering there is no actual camera, but the quality construction and  piece of mind that comes with it helps that pill go down.

-You are inherently limited to iPhone video quality, which is obvious, of course, but still worth mentioning due to the market it falls into.

We recommend setting your iPhone to airplane mode when shooting, so incoming calls don’t halt your recording.

The Verdict
The Outride brings that excitement back that you got when you bought your first iPhone. It basically takes your most coveted device and repurposes it as a new social POV network. Many of us shoot POV footy to share with our friends, and the Outride allows you to do it with just one device, cutting out the computer and memory cards. Does iPhone video quality measure up to the POV cameras out there? No, but many of us are more concerned with painless, instant sharing to the web world than high-quality production, so this is a pretty fun option (and a safe one for your phone).