Park Tool Introduces Backpack Workstation

ST PAUL, MN – Park Tool USA, has developed an innovative way to make your workstation portable and organized. “We employed a backpack style design that allows you to comfortably transport your tools and be able to find them once you reach your destination. said Park Tool Sales & Marketing Guy, Bill Armas.

The BW-1 starts with the venerable backpack. Park Tool’s engineers designed an internal framework, which allows the pack to stand securely upright on a bench, table or tailgate and an ingenious fold out interior that creates a customized and convenient tool board for a workstation that works at any race, ride or home workshop. The tool pallets can even un-snap from the pack to mount on your own tool board at home. Twenty-three Park Tool brand specialty and general hand tools are supplied in the RK-1M tool kit that that utilizes the BW-1 backpack and is designed to tackle a variety of mechanical and maintenance procedures.

You can buy the portable workstation as a kit, with tools included or as a backpack alone.
Suggested Retail: $250.00

For additional information, visit the Park Tool website at