Patterson Goes 1-1 at Hangtown WMA Pro Racing

Bend, OR (May 17, 2004) ¿  Honda of Houston¿s Jessica Patterson went 1-1 this past weekend at the Hangtown MX Classic, in Sacramento, picking up both Round 2 of the AMA/WMA National Motocross Championship and the 2004 WMA International Championship.

For the fifth motocross season in a row, the Dirt Digger¿s North made it possible for the women pro racers to race on Sunday prior to the Opening Ceremonies and during Intermission of the AMA/Chevrolet Motocross Championship. After a delay in start time, moto one went off and it was Patterson with the Sick Racing holeshot followed by Tarah Gieger (Hon), Sarah Whitmore (Yam), Philo Petricig (Hon), Tania Satchwell (Yam), and Jacki Short (Suz). Gieger took over the lead for two laps, but Patterson stayed close, eventually getting by Gieger after the two made contact over a downhill double. Meanwhile, Whitmore had crashed in back section of the track and was down by a lap. Satchwell had passed Petricig and was gaining on Gieger. Gieger and Satchwell had contact on the same downhill jump as Gieger and Patterson had done earlier, and Tania went down. Patterson finished the moto in first, with Gieger in second and Petricig in third. June Skyette (Suz) from Denmark had crashed in the first moto and suffered a minor concussion, taking her out of  Moto 2.

The second moto took place after the Celebrity Exhibition at Intermission. Petricig got the holeshot, with Patterson, Geiger, Whitmore, Birgit Lemp (Yam) from Germany, Stefy Bau and Satchwell behind. Patterson moved into lead by the end of the first lap and continued to build a gap between herself and her competitors. By lap four both Gieger and Whitmore had made their way around Petricig. Patterson took the second moto win and gained valuable championship points. Gieger finished second for second overall, Whitmore finished 3rd in the moto and Petricig finished fourth for third overall.

Seven countries were represented at the Championship. The WMA amateur class held Saturday morning had a full gate. Sherri Cruse (Hon) took top honors, with Alison Jones (Hon) in second, and Alisa Nix (Yam) in third (the three had gone Jones, Nix and Cruse the week prior at Glen Helen).

¿GKA¿ brought their host Tina Basich (Pro Snowboarder) and filmed the women for another show to air on Fuel TV. Dates and times will be listed shortly on the WMA website under ¿TV LISTINGS¿. In addition, highlights will air in the AMA 125cc Motocross show on Espn 2.

Top 10 Results:

  1. Jessica Patterson    250      Hon         1-1
  2. Tarah Gieger          68      Hon         2-2
  3. Philo Petricig       157      Hon         3-4
  4. Tania Satchwell      105      Yam         4-7
  5. Stefy Bau            211      Hon         7-5
  6. Birgit Lemp           53      Yam         8-6
  7. Jessye Davis         245      Hon         6-9
  8. Jacki Short            7      Suz         5-11
  9. Shiri Howell         189      Kaw     &nnbsp;   9-8
  10. Jenny Krick          195      Hon        12-10

Top 10 Points Standings:

  1. Tarah Gieger          79
  2. Jessica Patterson     75
  3. Tania Satchwell       74
  4. Sarah Whitmore        68
  5. Stefy Bau             61
  6. Philo Petricig        59
  7. Jacki Short           58
  8. Jessye Davis          49
  9. Elizabeth Bash        46
  10. Kaide Garrett         40

WMA is sponsored by: Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, Scott USA, Dunlop Tires, Alpinestars, Thor Racing, Rite Tie, Sick Racing, VP Fuels, Universal, Racer X, I Precision, Pro Clean, and AMP Research.

Next Race: July 31- Aug 1. Washougal MX, Washougal, WA