Paul Perebijnos Heads North

Earlier today we got an Instant Message from a very excited Paul Perebijnos. The fast Floridian told us…

Hey I’m going to Canada this Friday to race the 125 East for Team Blackfoot!

Congratulations! How’d you hook that up?

I guess they had a rider get hurt and we e-mailed back and forth about it. After they talked to some industry guys about it (Thor and Engine Ice) they called me up and offered me the ride. I’m so excited!

Have you been able to get in some time on the Honda? And how does it compare to the Yamahas you’ve been riding?

Well, that’s the thing that makes me so excited. I was riding motos like I always do at my local track last Thursday, and since this Blackfoot thing came along I asked a kid if I could ride his Honda. So I did, and right off the bat I felt really comfortable and everyone said I looked really good. I’d ridden Hondas my entire mini career and did really good, so I decided to compare lap times. I went on my Yamaha and did a perfect lap and got a 1:53, which is really fast for that track. So then I jumped back on this dude’s bike and turned a 1:49…four seconds faster and I had only been on the bike 15 minutes. Wait till I get on a good Blackfoot bike and have it set up for me…. its gonna be awesome.

Do you get any additional testing time up there? Or head straight out for practice?

Just go for practice.

How did your current sponsors deal with it? Will we see you back with BSY down here?

Well, I guess everything is still in place for here in the states. Ever since the BSY truck crashed I haven’t had a ride to the races, so I’ve been just practicing and saving money. Then this Blackfoot deal came along so it’s really perfect timing. BSY understood everything and there was no problem releasing me for the Canada deal as it was really a great opportunity, and actually a better deal than I’ve ever had before.

I guess I’ll still be on Yamahas down here, but who knows if I do great up there, I might have a career being a national rider in Canada… and after shaving four seconds off my lap times by switching to a Honda I’m considering switching either way cause I’m obviously quicker on a red bike. I just really love the Honda, and ride it really well.

I think the Canadian series is cool, because it gives guys like you, Ryan Morais, and others a different venue to show off your skills.

Yeah, I think it’s a great deal. Morais is a great rider but had a bad run of luck here in the states and he goes up there and wins races and that really helps with confidence. I can’t wait to see what I can do for myself up there.

I want to thank Beeker at Thor and Dave at Engine Ice for speaking so fondly of me as well to Jason Mitchell up at Blackfoot for this opportunity. So far he has been really great and everyone that works with him as well. I can already tell he runs a great, well-organized team and I’m really excited to get in the truck with these guys.