Pirelli Accepting Off-Road Racer Resumes

Pirelli Motorcycle Tire will be accepting resumes for the 2007 racing season, September 20 through November 1st. Please send a resume and racing history to: 100 Pirelli Drive, Rome, GA 30162, Attention: Josh Whitmire.

Pirelli Motorcycle Tire has won 46 World MX championships in the last 22 years. In 2007, Pirelli has set more records and placed on more podiums in North America than in any other time in the company’s history. These new achievements have been in every type of racing from motocross to drag racing to road racing.

Pirelli has a whole new line of Scorpion MX race tires, providing traction in every type of dirt, mud and sand, giving its riders a controlling edge. Power is nothing without control.