Pirelli Press Ride

Pirelli introduced two of their new motocross tires; the MT83 and MT450 to us this week. They rented a private track, had a catered lunch and brought a box van full of tires for us to try out.


We started the morning with the new MT83 front and the MT32 rear tires. The new MT83 front is intended to be an all-around tire designed to work in soft to mixed/rocky terrain. The track we were riding was moist, sandy, and rough, and the tire worked well, but wasn’t hooking up quite as well as we hoped. When the track hardened up, though, the tire worked pretty well. The MT83 is designed to be an enduro tire that is environmentally safe, meaning that the knobs are less than 13mm long. This keeps from tearing up the earth as much as other motocross tires. The lack of tread depth probably had to do with the lack of traction in the soft stuff.

The MT83 didn’t work perfectly for us, but id did work pretty well for Mickael Pichon, Stefan Everts, Marniq Bervoets, Josh Coppins, Eric Eggins and Kerry Gunderson. They all ran the MT83 and won GPs this season while running it.

The MT32, on the other hand, worked very well in the soft sand we were riding in. The rear end stuck where we wanted it to, and felt very controllable. When the track hardened up a little, though, the tire lost its effectiveness.


Then, we had a delicious lunch, hydrated ourselves, and discussed which tire we were going to test next¿the MT450 front and rear tires. The MT450 is intended for intermediate through mid-hard terrain. The track had dried out, and was the perfect surface to test the MT450. The MT450 front tire is constructed of lighter weight materials to lessen unsprung weight, which aids in handling. Pliable rubber also helps grip on harder surfaces where traction is needed. The spacing between knobs is wider to allow for better traction in gravel and other loose surfaces. Did all of these attributes work? You bet. The MT450 front went wherever we wanted it to go. It definitely gave us confidence.

The MT450 rear tire gets great traction on intermediate terrain. It has been designed with a lower profile, which allows it to be fatter, giving it a larger footprint. The rear is constructed of lighter, more pliable materials, making for less unsprung weight. Also, the center knobs are lower profile and stiffer to stand up to heavy acceleration.

Pirelli knows what they’re doing. With 43 World Motocross championships under their belt since 1980, you can bet their tires work well. You should give them a try. A front tire costs $61.95, and a rear runs $69.95. Contact your local dealership or call 610-524-2190.