Pirelli Scorpion MX Tires

APPLICATION: All motocross bikes

PRICE: Front (80/100-21): $81.95; Rear (100/90-19): $94.95; Rear (100/110-19): $96.95


WHAT IT IS: For a lot of people in the United States, when they think of tires Pirelli isn’t the first name to come to mind; however, this powerful tire company, with 45 world motocross championships, is looking to change all that with their latest offing to the motocross world—the Scorpion MX tire. Available in compounds ranging from soft to hard and everything in between, and designed with durability in mind, this new tire incorporates state-of-the-art technology for the serious racer. And with key features such as, puncture resistance, a larger contact area for maximum traction, and reduced weight the Scorpion is sure to help with speedier lap times around any motocross track.

HITS: We race tested the mid/hard terrain tire on our bike and came away impressed, as the front and rear tires both held up to everything we threw at them, and at the end of the 45-minute race appeared to only have a minimal amount of wear on them. The performance was also great while we were in the midst of battle, as the Scorpions allowed us to dive into corners further and power right out of them. In fact, the front tire performed really well under braking, and we felt right at home when diving deep into turns. Pirelli claims that the mid/hard tire is designed to get maximum traction when the terrain conditions change, and during the race, whether the track surface was rocky, hard-packed, or sandy the Scorpion mid/hard terrain tire performed really well and seemed to be able to find traction anywhere.

MISSES: In some of the softer stuff, the tires seem to wander around, but this could just be the surface, after all, it’s never easy getting traction in sand, especially if the tire isn’t specifically designed with sand in mind.

THE VERDICT: Overall, we were very pleased with our experience with the Scorpion tires. They held up to our abuse during racing conditions, and performed above our expectations. While we have yet to get a ton of time on our set, we are confident that our Scorpion tires still have enough meat on them to get us through a few more days at the track, and that’s always a good thing.

Call 1-800-pirelli or visit www.us.pirellimoto.com for more information