Pirelli Signs Yamaha of Troy for Supercross/Motocross

The wildly popular, powerhouse team of Yamaha of Troy has joined Pirelli’s growing list of teams for the 2006 AMA Supercross/Motocross season. Yamaha of Troy is well known nationwide for its winning heritage, capped at the close of last season by the team’s 125 class win by Brett Metcalfe at the U.S. Open held in Las Vegas. 

“Yamaha of Troy’s racing history is a great benefit to Pirelli,” said Pirelli’s Josh Whitmire. “This being our first year to enter Supercross with a committed presence, what team better to have on our side than the championship-proven Yamaha of Troy?”  Team riders Matt Walker, Brett Metcalfe, Andrew McFarlane, and former east-coast Supercross champion Brandon Jesseman will compete in the Supercross Lite division.

Pirelli’s Press Manger Chris Wall said, “Motorcycle-racing enthusiasts of all venues have been noticing Pirelli’s broad competitive advances, so our signing of Yamaha of Troy is an exciting, big step toward meeting our mission of winning in every class at the professional level. Our pre-season testing in the dirt and on pavement has us looking forward to an unprecedented year in Pirelli’s racing history in the States.”

Other Pirelli-sponsored teams in Supercross include Richmond Kawasaki with riders Darcy Lange, Teddy Mair, Kyle Chisholm, Donnie Mcourty, Team Maestro Suzuki and its riders Jeff Dement, Adam Chatfield, Vernon Mckinney and Shawn Skinner. In Arenacross Pirelli has signed Tuf Racing and its riders Brock Sellards and Jeff Northrop, and Boo-Koo Honda with Tiger Lacy and Casey Hinson. The team taking care of Pirelli’s presence in Off Road Racing is Zip Ty Racing with riders Ty Davis, Russ Pearson and Bobby Garrison.

In other Pirelli news, continuing into next season on Pirelli tires is John “Junkyard Dog” Dowd of Dowd Racing, as he makes his way into nearly all venues of off-road motorsports with some Arenacross, Motocross, and Cross Country racing.

Additionally, through a partnership with Active8, Pirelli will now offer track-side support at all AMA professional Supercross/Motocross events. “We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Active8 for the 2006 season,” said U.S.A. product manager Jeff Adams. “Through our involvement with Active8 we will be able to cater to the privateer racers who need fair, high-quality support from a competing tire company.”

Pirelli has a long and successful history in Motocross racing with more than 45 World MX titles earned in the past 22 years. Pirelli is the only tire manufacturer ever on the World level to sweep all three titles in the same year.