Piru MX Park Fire Update

As we mentioned in our Monday Kickstart column, the last week or so has been nuts around here with the fires in California, and firefighters continue to battle blazes in several areas. We reported that the Piru MX Park had suffered some damage, and today we got this follow-up from Gordon Champagne that illustrates just how fast-moving the fires are. But the good news is, no one there was hurt. Read on…

Hi everyone!

We’ve received a lot of emails from people concerned about us and the motocross park, and we finally have some time to respond. We don’t have a lot of time, as we are trying to get everything repaired and replaced so we can get back open. So, we are sending this form email to everyone, letting you know what has happened.

Last Saturday morning, we initially opened the track for practice. But shortly after 9:00 AM, the wind changed and it looked like the fire was headed our way, so we closed the park. Within about an hour, the fire was burning the track. We were just preparing to take our employees up to the water tanks, hoping to clear the brush away so the fire wouldn’t destroy our five water tanks, and the water pumps. But, as we were getting ready to head up the hill, the fire department came rushing in and told us to write off the tanks, and to try to save the house and the shop.

The fire department was very surprised at how quickly the fire came. They created a back fire on the lower section of the track, trying to save the structures. It worked. The fire burned virtually the entire mountain, but the house and shop and equipment were saved. We were not able to go on the mountain to assess the damage until the next day. We were very surprised and happy to find that all of the tanks and pumps were fine. The fire moved so quickly that it really didn’t stay around long enough to do major damage.

The tops of a couple of the tanks were deformed, but that was about it. Unfortunately, almost all of the water lines and fire hoses were lost, along with most of the hay bales and banners. We also lost the ‘over and under’.

We have been working hard trying to repair everything so that we can open on Saturday, November 1st. Tomorrow we will be replacing one of the telephone poles that holds up the finish line sign. Other than that, we are just waiting for Edison to remove the downed electric line that has fallen across the track up in the canyon. They said they hope to have that removed today.

Again, thanks for your concerns and well wishes and we hope to see you soon.