Pit Stop | FMF Racing At La Jolla Group

While recently making our rounds through Orange County, California, we dropped by the La Jolla Group in Irvine, California. While there are three brands under the company’s umbrella (O’Neill, Metal Mulisha,FMF Racing) we only had enough time to spend with the latter. During our brief time, Global Marketing Manager Brian Jellig was able to show us a selection of the apparel set to drop soon for the Fall 2014 line. Much like motorcycles, the release of a certain season of clothing occurs months before the time the collection is named after. This allows brands ample time to get the product to retailers around the world, and store fronts enough time market the new goods to the public. Jellig said that shortly after the Fall line was rolled out, the first looks of the Holiday 2014 line would be released.

La Jolla’s in-house creative team were in the process of shooting product for upcoming catalog and webstore use on a specially designed rig. Dubbed the “ClothingPad” and made by Ortery, the table features a clean white surface, copious lighting systems, and an overhead camera that allows every image to be shot in perfect  and identical conditions. The included software processes photos quickly and in various formats, including JPEG for online and RAW for catalog layouts. By shooting on a plain white surface the clipping paths are sharp and allow for multiple photos to be laid over one another easily for a collage style final image. The crew at La Jolla said using the Ortery machinery has helped expedite their workflow, now that the entire process can take place within moments.

  After seeing the Ortery in action, Jellig and Graphic Artist Ryan Gunter showed us a few products from the upcoming line. While we are huge fans of the classic look that calls upon FMF’s heritage in the sport used recent, the shirts shown above are some of the most visual we’ve seen in the sport. Former TWMX pin-up models Emily Sears and Sarai Rollins are both featured in ads and catalogs, while Sears is plastered across the front of one shirt with only an FMF 4.1 RCT silencer keeping things PG-13. (There’s a joke about “cans” in there somewhere.)

It’s no surprise that hats are one of the best selling items in any motocross company’s catalog, and FMF’s headwear line is one of the largest in the sport. While many brands use various textile firms for hats, FMF and LaJolla Group went with the tried and true fit of New Era for a few of the thirty-three options for sale online.

Hidden in boxes at the back of the office were items from the latest Ronnie Mac collection, which has quickly become one of the best selling lines in the entire company. What started as a few T-shirts to hint on the internet sensation is now a full range of tops, hats, and alcohol accessories that includes coolers, coozies, and a six-pack can belt. The full line can be seen at National tracks around the country or at the company’s online store front.

Jackets, sweatshirts, and flannels make up the bulk of the upcoming Fall and Holiday 2014 line. While hoodies are one of the best selling items in every winter release, the heavy duty coats are some of the warmest we’ve put on and are everywhere come the cool January evenings in the seats of Angels Stadium.

Just as we were on our way, Jellig and Gunter handed us a catalog stocked with products in the upcoming Holiday 2014 line. To see the full collection from FMF, you can visit a local retailer/bike shop, or visit apparel.fmfracing.com.