If you missed last night’s race, you missed one dramatic 20 lap main event, as James Stewart and Chad Reed battled with Stewart ultimately coming out on top. Following the podium celebration—where emotions ran high—we caught up with James to get his thoughts on the race, the championship, and his teammate’s run in with Reed during the main.
It was a pretty exciting race.  Can you give us a rundown of it, through your eyes?

Yeah! Well, I got a pretty good start. I got a good jump, but we switched to hard-packed tires and spun in the mud a little right off the line. Chad got the holeshot, so I knew that I wanted to get by Davi and a couple other guys real fast and I was able to do that. I settled into second but I didn't want to follow for too long because the track was so one-lined. So I passed him and Chad came in and I think he wanted to put me up in the cotton candy sections. So I settled down and regrouped, passed him again and then put my head down and pulled out a comfortable lead again.

Talk about that pass he made on you. He came in really hard…

I kind of knew it was coming. A couple weeks ago he told me he wanted to put me out. So he tried and stuff. I am just happy to get a win. I rode my best and so did he, and this is the result. He rode really good, and I knew it was critical for him to try and get a win so we could go into Las Vegas tied instead of six points down. But he didn't, and here we are.

From your perspective, what happened between your teammate Kyle Chisolm and Chad?

I don't know, I never ever saw it. You are asking the wrong person. Our team doesn't condone that. I can beat Chad Reed without anyone's help and I showed it again tonight. That was not the reason I won the race, and that's clear to see, so I don't care what happened. I am just looking forward to next weekend in Las Vegas.

What are your thoughts about the Las Vegas series finale? You are coming in with a six-point lead…

I am going to do the same thing I did here this weekend. Obviously, I am going to try and get on the box, because that is important. I am going to prepare the best I can, and ride and race as hard as I can. This is the best I've felt on the bike all season and I am very excited to go racing next weekend in Las Vegas.