Pontiac Stats

Pontiac: 1st race 3-27-76 – Marty Smith won Honda. No other venue has ever hosted as many races as Pontiac. This will be the 46th time the gate will drop at Pontiac.

  • Not since Anaheim 1 of 2003, had we had a 1st time winner, that was Chad Reed and he couldn’t win the next week. First time winners to win 2 in a row; Bayle in 1990; Bradshaw ’90, Jim Ellis ’75; Hannah ’77; Donnie Hanson ’82; Stanton ’89; McGrath ’93; Vuillemin ’00. Note: If Bubba wins 3 in a row, I will search and let you now.
  • Of the 17 different SX champions only Jeff Ward, RJ, Stanton, and McGrath have won the SX title, lost it, then won it back. Can RC join them? He would be only the 5th rider to do this, and first rider to win title on three brands.
  • For only the 6th time in 250 sx history has all of the Big 4, S, K, Y, H, all won a 250 main. ’98 was the last time it happened. 77,79,90,91,98,05.
  • Hannah 9 wins in Pontiac, Mac has 6 wins here.
  • Riders to win here on a 125 and a 250; Ramsey, RC, Bradshaw, LaRocco. Can Bubba join them?
  • Wins by brand: Honda-18; Yamaha-18; Kawasaki-6; Suzuki-3. Year for last win – Kawasaki ’01; Suzuki ’83.
  • First time winners: Ramsey ’02 and Smith ’76.
  • Ramsey is the only rider to win here on a 125 then the very next year win here on a 250. Can Bubba join him?
  • Mac worst ever finish was here in ’98 – 20th.
  • Yamaha has won Pontiac three in a row three times with Hannah, Bradshaw, Mac. Can Reed do it?
  • LaRocco won his first ever 125 sx here on 4-9-88 on a Yamaha 17 yrs. Ago. LaRocco will be making his 17th start, 12 top 5’s, 1 win, and he’s done it on 4 brands.
  • Bubba becomes the 9th different rider to win his first ever sx on Kawasaki. Riders to win their first ever race on Kawasaki was Jeff Matiasevich, Gaylon Mosier, Jeff Ward, Mike Kiedowski, Damon Huffman, Sebastien Tortelli, Jimmy Weinert, RC, and now Bubba. Of all these racers, none of these riders could win back to back. With a win in Pontiac, Bubba would be the first rider to get his first win on a Kawasaki and back it up with another win the next week.

Bubba becomes the 47th different rider to win 250sx. Of those 15 never won, another sx race. Four of those were on Kawasaki’s.