Pre-Prequel: Getting Ready For The 2004 AMA Nationals

Deven Riley is a bright eight-year-old who lives in So. Cal. He also happens to be a huge motocross fan (especially of Chad Reed), and he sent us over these Pre-Prequel interviews that he did with some of his heroes. Rock on, Deven…

By Deven Riley

The Supercross series wrapped up last weekend in Vegas, but with just ten days until the opening round of the AMA Motocross series in Hangtown, many riders are using the extra week off to ready themselves. I headed out to Thursday practice at Glen Helen where many riders were getting ready for the Glen Helen “Prequel that will be held on Saturday. I caught up with the newly crowned 2004 Supercross Champion Chad Reed, as well as some other Blue and Yellow Boys to see how they are feeling coming into the 2004 National Series.

Chad Reed

DR: How do you feel after winning the 2004 Supercross Series?

CR: I feel pretty good. It’s a title I’ve always wanted to win, and I finally got to win it. So it feels great!

DR: How did you celebrate on Saturday night after wrapping up the title?

CR: On Saturday we just went to the Hard Rock and chilled out, and, uh, just partied until early hours of the Morning. Sunday we did the same thing at the banquet. It was fun.


DR: How do you feel coming into the nationals?

CR: I feel like I have a, you know, good chance. I feel like I have an open mind. I just want to uh, I want to make it better. The last two seasons I really haven’t done so well. I just want to be up there ya know? You have to be there before you win a title, so I just want to be up there battling with those guys.

DR: Are you racing the Glen Helen Prequel this Saturday?

CR: I’m not racing on Saturday. We’ve been wanting a weekend off for a long time and, ya know, I think if we all raced then it just kinda sets a bad example, ya know, we mind as well have a national. I’m gonna stay at home and take a weekend off while I can.

DR: Are you getting excited about your upcoming wedding?

CR: Yeah, it’s getting closer and closer and I’ll have a lot of friends and family so it will be a fun event. I’m looking forward to it.

Kelly Smith

DR: Are you racing the prequel at Glen Helen this Saturday?

Kelly Smith: Yep. I will be, and pretty much the rest of my team (YOT) will be, except Josh Hansen.

DR: How do you feel going into the nationals?

KS: I feel good. We’ve got our bikes pretty much all ready and that’s why we’re out here breaking our race bikes in getting them ready to go for next weekend. I guess we’re going to do the little warm up race here at Glen Helen on Saturday and we’ll see how that goes. I feel good about it.


DR: Did you have a wild time in Vegas?

KS: (Laughs) Um, no, pretty mellow. I didn’t do that great at the race either so it kinda bummed me out. Nothing to party about I guess. So, um, no. Supercross season is done now and I’m really starting to look forward to the nationals.

Josh Hansen

DR: Are you racing here (Glen Helen) on Saturday?

Josh Hansen: Uh, no, I’m not going to end up racing on Saturday. You’ll see me at Sacramento.

DR: Are you sick of hearing the word “Brappp yet?

JH: No, it’s actually what got me where I’m at now, so its good.


DR: How do you feel coming into the nationals?

JH: I’m feeling better and better every day about it. (Laughs)

DR: Do you like your nickname “Li’l Hanny?

JH: Ahh, I don’t really have a choice, it’s alright. It’s pretty good I mean, it’s what everyone has always called me.

DR: What would you pick for a nickname if you had a choice in thhe matter?

JH: You know what, I don’t know. I really, honestly, I couldn’t even, I don’t even know. Maybe Holeshot Jr. you know, my starts are pretty good.

DR: Did you have a wild time in Vegas?

JH: Did I have a wild time in Vegas? Yeah it was fun. Have you ever been to Vegas?

DR: I’ve been to it once (for the 2003 Supercross finals). My parents ditched me at home this time around.

JH: Yeah, yeah, it was a lot of fun. Yeah, I uh, did a lot of Circus Circus while I was there (Laughs)

Danny Smith

DR: How do you feel going into the nationals?

Danny Smith: I feel pretty good. I’m getting my bike tuned up and ready to race. I’ve got an extra little week here to get ready, so, I’m happy to start over. Supercross is over, going to start all over again. Fresh start.


DR: Did you have a wild time in Vegas?

DS: Naw, not too wild, I keep it pretty mellow (Laughs)

DR: Are you racing on Saturday (Glen Helen Prequel)

DS: Yep. All of YOT will be here.

Sean Hamblin

DR: How do you feel Sean, coming into the nationals?

Sean Hamblin: Right now really well you know. I came off a pretty good Supercross year, not the best that I wanted, but feeling good and ready for outdoors for sure.


DR: Are you going to be racing out here (Glen Helen) this Saturday for the prequel?

SH: Yes, I will be racing on Saturday and look forward to it.

DR: Did you have a wild weekend in Vegas?

SH: (Laughs) Yeah, actually I did have a lot of fun ya know? I rode well, and definitely had fun, good to close out the supercross as well as I did.