Privateer Profile: Brian Sjogren

Brian Sjogren is a Reno Nevada native on the full privateer path. So much so, that he even shows up to Supercross races in his pickup truck-no box-van, trailer or motorhome. Sjogren has speed on his side, as well as a few sponsors helping him out, but he is still coming up short- ultimately keeping him from putting it all together to make something happen. We caught up with Sjogren at Anaheim 1 to speak with him about his privateer program.

Rider Name: Brian Sjogren

Age: 19

Bike Number: 191

Mechanic’s Name: Ryan Joy

Hometown: Reno, NV

Sponsors: C4MX, Reno Motorsports, Answer, Tech 1 Designs, FMF, Factory Connection and 100%.

Why do you struggle as a privateer?

By far, having low finances is the hardest obstacle I face. It makes it incredibly tough to travel to the races, pay for the racing, pay for bikes and maintain them, as well. Even for the average weekend rider, motocross can be an expensive sport having to buy fuel, oils for the bike, gear, entry fees, etc. Well, imagine the bill at the end of the month when you do that almost everyday. That’s what we face and it’s astronomical! And it’s not like we make a lot of money to balance that out, either.

I’m here with my parents and my mechanic in the back of my pickup truck. I do have a few sponsors that help out with gear and parts and what not, but at the end of the day I still need to make money for my bills and to continue on this path. There are no words to describe how rough this can be sometimes, but I hope to make it all worth it someday.