Privateer Profile: Colton Keeling

Colton Keeling has been on the privateer path for about two years now and is just as hopeful as ever about his future. With the support of helpful sponsors and a family backing him 100% of the way, it should only be a matter of time before we see Keeling making major moves. Not to mention the youngster has age on his side at 17 years old.

Rider Name: Colton Keeling

Age: 17

Bike Number 454

Years Pro: 2

Mechanic’s Name: Joey Essary

Hometown: Yuma, AZ

Sponsors: Bell Helmets, Works Connection, Factory Connection, FMF, 100%, Fly Racing, Northland Motorsports, Amsoil and Buckelew Motocross Training.

Why do you struggle as a privateer?
For me, the struggle of being a privateer has many obstacles. Being able to afford everything from race entries to traveling is a true fight to keep my head above water. Basically everything in general is is tough.

If you want to be on a professional level and make money at it you have to make crucial sacrifices. Education is something that has to be changed drastically-no traditional high school and then enrolling into online or homeschool classes is the only other way to go about completing school because time for riding and training becomes the main priority. Giving up the normal life of a teenager to sculpt your everyday life is a necessity for this lifestyle. Plus, it’s extremely rough on your family, but I hope to make it all worth it someday.