Privateer Profile: Jordan Reynolds

Meet Jordan Reynolds. Reynolds has been chasing his dream of becoming a professional Supercross racer for a while now and is closer than ever. We spotted the 21 year old in the pits at the Supercross season opener in Anaheim, CA and caught up with him to discuss his struggles as a privateer.

Rider Name: Jordan Reyonolds

Age: 21

Years Pro: 1

Bike Number: 453

Mechanic’s Name: Parker Jones

Hometown: Acton, CA

Sponsors: Risk Racing, Noleen J6, Rocket Exhaust, Klen Laundry, Leatt-Brace, LS2, Rock-Tape, EKS Brand Goggles and Torc 1 Racing.

Why do you struggle as a privateer?

Being a privateer is hard for too many reasons to list, but the obvious hardship isĀ  finances. It’s hard to afford competitive equipment to compete against the factory teams, the traveling is really expensive if the race is out of your home state and the race entries are costly, as well.

Also, as a privateer it’s hard to make money. Sponsors more than likely won’t pay you to race-mostly just discounts on parts if they’re not free. And really the only time we make money is if we make the Supercross night show, which covers a little more than the race entry.

The life of a normal teenage kid is just something we racers hear of. We never get to experience that life because of the amount of time and effort that goes into racing. Practicing, racing and training becomes our lives seven days a week, but we are all willing to make those sacrifices because racing professionally is our dream and we’ll do anything to turn it into a reality.