Pro Circuit Heat Temp Strips

Overheating is the main reason your bike loses power and performance. Today’s high performance race bikes are at the cutting edge of development and continue to push the limits of existing technology. Pro Circuit Heat Temp Strips come in a package of three so you can monitor the running temperature on your motor, shock or radiators to make sure you’re not losing performance due to overheating. Simply clean the area with contact cleaner, pull the backing off the temp strip and place it on your motor, radiator or shock for an accurate heat reading. The temp strip will change color (with green being the actual running temperature) as the item it’s placed on increases in temperature. As it cools down, the colors fade back to black. Heat temp strips have a measurable heat range from 149 to 248 degrees and will continue to give you accurate readings every time you ride until the strip is removed.


See your local dealer or call Pro Circuit at 909 738-8050 for more information. $16.95 for a set of three heat temp strips.