Product Report: 100% Accuri Goggle

100% Accuri Goggle

Available In Nine Different Color Combinations

Price: $45.00


The newest player in the highly competitive goggle market, 100% definitely set out to produce a high-end, premium product. The Accuri is the mid-level offering and features a flexible urethane frame, an anti-fog lens, triple-layer foam, and a 45-millimeter-wide strap. A soft cloth storage is included with the goggles, and for an additional 15 dollars, you can get a mirrored, anti-fog lens in the kit, too (shown).


– Everything about the 100% Accuri goggle screams high end. It is a work of art.

– The triple-layer face foam is soft and absorbent. We never had issues with sweat.

– The Accuri frame offers plenty of peripheral vision.

– The frame is soft and pliable, making it easy to fit against a wide range of face shapes.


– The Accuri frame is on the larger side. While this equals great vision, it may pose problem for riders who wear smaller-sized helmets.


The 100% Accuri is a beautifully constructed motocross goggle that offers a great field of vision, vents well, and looks great. We suggest trying a pair on with your helmet to ensure a perfect fit.