Product Report: Arai VX-Pro3 Edge

Arai’s motto of “Protection Above All Else” has always stood true with the Japanese manufacturer, but the new Edge graphic on the VX-Pro3 brings modern style to the helmet that is traditionally known for its high level of safety.


COLORS: Blue (shown), red, green, orange
PRICE: $689.95
Certifications: DOT and SNELL 2010

What It Is

It’s a helmet, obviously, and it goes on your head. But all helmets aren’t created equal, and Arai has the reputation of crafting some of the safest helmets on the planet. The VX-Pro3 design features a round shell which is constructed for dissipating impact energy quickly and smoothly, and a rounded chinbar aimed to minimize protrusion and prevent the face piece from catching or digging in during a crash. The Edge graphic is the company’s latest offering in the VX-Pro3 lineup, and although Arai hasn’t altered the shape of the helmet in a while, it provides a fresh look to their top-of-the-line motocross lid.


– The new Edge graphic is easily one of the best looking helmets Arai has released to date.

The chinbar vent does a great job of letting air in, but the vent can be opened or closed by a gate located on the inside of the mouthpiece.

– Quality and construction is top notch, and Arai’s motto of “Protection Above All Else” helps to put your mind at ease while on the track. Arai also provides an industry leading five-year warranty which backs all helmets against defects in materials and workmanship.

– The VX-Pro3’s ventilation is excellent. Along with Arai’s Dry-Cool liner material, we were very satisfied with the amount of airflow and its cooling ability after testing in temperatures over 100 degrees.

Cool air has to have access into the shell, but hot air also must be able to escape, and Arai’s system of ventilation and exhaust ports are very cable of bringing in wanted air and forcing unwanted air out.

– The helmet is extremely comfortable and the sizing is exact. Out of the box we were able to just throw it on and go without any discomfort or adjusting.

– The head comfort liner, cheek pads, and chinstrap cover are fully removable, washable, and replaceable. The ability to keep your expensive investment clean and fresh is a must.

– The VX-Pro3 features the Emergency Cheekpad Release System, which provides better access to an injured rider by allowing medical personal to easily slide out the cheekpads via integrated pull-tabs.

Arai utilizes the Emergency Cheekpad Release System, which means the cheekpads can be released and slid out by using the integrated pull-tabs within the liner.


– At $689.95, the VX-Pro3 might be cruel and unusual to your piggybank.

– Goggles with nose guards simply won’t fit.

The rubber nose guard of the VX-Pro3 doesn’t allow enough room for goggles with built-in nose guards to fit, which a lot of high-end MX goggle manufacturers are designing these days.

The Verdict

It’s no secret; the Arai VX-Pro3 is by far one of the best made helmets available today, but thanks to the new Edge graphic it finally has a little style to match its quality. While the price tag might dissuade many, serious consideration should take place while investing in protection for the most important part of your body. Use your head—shell out the extra bucks to keep it safe.