SIZES: S-XXL jersey/glove; 28″-38″ pant

COLORS: Red, Blue, Black, Blue/Yellow

PRICE: $179.99 pant; $29.99 vest; $44.99 compression jersey; $39.99 gloves


WHAT IT IS: The Axo Team Issue compression jersey kit is designed to help remove lactic acid from your muscles. According to studies AXO refers, compression reduces muscle fatigue and retains energy. In addition, the under layer is designed to wick perspiration to maintain optimum body temperature. This jersey system is coupled with the Phoenix pant and Padlock gloves for a complete gear kit.

HITS: At first sight, our reaction was much like yours probably is: a tank top and a long sleeve…really? But, after trying everything on, it wasn’t bad. Plus, we always applaud anyone willing to try something new to help performance. We really liked the fit of the pant. Unlike some of the AXO gear in the recent past, the Phoenix pant did not have that tight, Euro fit, and the legs allowed plenty of room for our knee braces. Once on, the Phoenix pant flexed and contorted fine without that nagging rear-end sag. Both the rear-end and the knees have flexible yokes to allow the pant to move with your body without pulling them out of position. Basically the pants are really good.

We also like the idea of a compression under layer. Other companies have short-sleeve versions that are similar, but the full sleeve application helps with the forearms.

MISSES: We are still a little skeptical about the vest. Although we like the idea of a compression jersey, and we will continue to wear it as an under layer, we felt that the vest just isn’t as appealing as a normal jersey. You can still maintain the performance of the compression layer with a full set of sleeves over the top.

Also, this kit is a little pricey. Granted, there are a lot of components here, but even the pants alone are on the expensive side.

THE VERDICT: AXO is improving by leaps and bounds, and it is apparent that they are putting a lot of thought into their products. The gear is pricey, but you get what you pay for. The pants are really nice, and the colorways are definitely a step in the right direction. We just gave up on sleeveless jerseys after the LBZ and SMP days.

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