Product Report: Bell Moto 9

Blue Emblem is one of five brand new color schemes recently introduced for the Moto 9. Sweet, yeah?



PRICE: $475.95



Bell Sports just launched several new color schemes for its popular Moto 9, including the Blue Emblem, which just showed up on my doorstep today. It was no coincidence, mind you, as a couple weeks ago I had my biggest crash in years and landed myself in the emergency room of Corona Regional with a gash in my arm, an avulsion fracture of my scaphoid, and a horrific hematoma on my hip. In the crash, I slapped my head on the ground hard enough to shelf the Moto 9 I was wearing, and the Blue Emblem that just showed up is its replacement. Having been KOed more than my fair share of times in the past, I was pleased to have maintained consciousness and a relatively clear head through it all. Needless to say, I am a firm believer in the protective qualities of the Bell Moto 9…

The X-static liner and Magnefusion cheek pads are both comfortable and easy to remove.


– EPS-lined chin bar adds protection in the event of a face-first crash.

– Five year warranty.

The Magnefusion cheek pads are easy to remove in the event of a crash.

– Magnefusion Emergency Release System (cheek pads held in by magnets) allow for easy helmet removal in the event of a crash. Our Publisher Marc Fiore suffered a broken neck in a crash earlier this year, and the magnetic cheek pads may have played a critical role in his current good health. Just as the paramedics began to wiggle his helmet off, I remembered the MERS and removed the pads. The helmet slipped off effortlessly and protected his neck from any potential further injury.

– Magnefusion magnetic strap keeper is easier to operate than a traditional snap.

– The Moto 9 is super comfortable, and the Xstatic liner does an amazing job of absorbing sweat.

– Cheek pads are obviously easy to remove and replace, and the head liner is also quite easy to snap in and out. This encourages more frequent washings!

– The best thing about the Moto 9 is its sound-dampening qualities. After riding in a Moto 9, everything else seems loud.

– Venting is excellent.

– DOT and SNELLM2010 ratings.

– Lightweight at 1450 grams.

– New graphics are super cool.

– Helmet comes ready to accept a Eject helmet removal system.


– Though the Quickflip visor screws are trick and easy to operate, the visor moves a little too easily for our tastes. Ducking some 450 roost off the start might leave you with your visor in the goon setting.

– Depending on how you paint your helmet, the Moto 9 can look larger than other lids.

The Moto 9 comes ready to accept a helmet Eject system.


It’s no secret that TransWorld Motocross loves the Bell Moto 9: it was our 2011 Product of the Year. With several brutal crash tests of the product this year, we believe in the Moto 9 even more. If you’re serious about head safety, take the time to check one out before you buy your next helmet. Protecting your brain is no penny pinching matter.