Product Report: Bill’s Pipes Honda CRF450R System



Bill’s Pipes Honda CRF450R Exhaust

PRICE: $500

APPLICATION: Systems available for all four-strokes (tested here on 2012 Honda CRF450R)


Bill’s Pipes is an aftermarket exhaust company with a rich history of producing high-performance exhaust systems for all types of motorcycles. The shop’s biggest claims to fame were Doug Henry’s 125cc National Championships during his time with Team Honda, and Travis Pastrana’s 125cc National Championship when he was on Team Suzuki. That was a long time ago, but just because Bill’s Pipes isn’t as heavily involved in racing these days, doesn’t mean that Bill Cervera and Jeff Springman – the men behind the brand – don’t know how to coax good, usable power out of today’s four-stroke dirt bikes. We procured a system for our 2012 Honda CRF450R test bike from the Corona, California, based business, and put it to the test throughout the Muscle Milk TWMXRS Winter Series.


– Quality of construction is top-notch, and the system bolted right onto our test bike with no wiggling, jiggling, or prying required.

– Good exhaust note: the system is a bit louder than stock, but by no means is it the loudest aftermarket system we’ve tested. “Just right,” said Goldilocks…

– Power is improved throughout the powerband. With the stock system installed, the CRF450R has an electric, linear powerband that lacks pizazz, to be honest. The Bill’s Pipes system wakes the Honda up down low and gives it snappier throttle response and great torque. The transition into mid-range is about the same as stock, with a nice, easy-to-control “hit.” Up top, though, there are big gains. While the stock system falls flat and stops pulling at higher rpm, the Bill’s Pipes exhaust keeps pulling strong, several hundred rpm further. Throughout the TWMXRS Winter Series, our testers pulled their fair share of holeshots with the system installed.

– Good looks. The Bill’s Pipe system is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum, and features a no-frills approach to looking good. The black end cap has a nice shape and the muffler is tucked away nicely behind the side panel.

– Thanks to it’s stainless steel and aluminum construction, the system is quite durable. It survived a couple crashes throughout the six-race series and came away looking good as new.

– At $500, the system is much more affordable than more exotic exhausts.

– Muffler is easily to rebuild.



– While stainless steel and aluminum is durable and affordable, it is heavier than a system made of titanium and carbon fiber. Racers at the pinnacle of the sport may require the greatest weight savings possible. For the rest of us, the Bill’s Pipes exhaust us just fine.

– As is the case with all stainless steel header pipe and mid-pipe junctions, it is advisable to coat the fittings with anti-seize. Otherwise, removing the system later can be a pain.



The Bill’s Pipes Honda CRF450R exhaust is a great choice for riders who are looking for real-world power gains for their Honda CFR450R at an affordable price. The pipe breathes new life into the Honda without costing it the linear, easy-to-ride character that it’s known for. We like it!

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