PRICE: $499.99

WHAT IT IS: Bill's exhaust system for the 2009 Suzuki RM-Z250 is a complete exhaust constructed of stainless steel and with a built-in spark arrestor that can be removed for cleaning. The end cap is also easily removed for repacking, and the full system needs only mounting bolts for installation—no springs are necessary. The stainless steel construction retains the durability of the stock exhaust, but does shave a bit of weight, as well as adds significant rev to the semi-flat top-end of Suzuki's little thumper.

HITS: There is no doubt that the RM-Z250 boasts incredible cornering and buttery-smooth shifting, but where the stock thumper lacks is in the mid and top end of the powerband. As the bike revs out, it falls flat and feels stifled. So, naturally, the first thing we noticed with Bill's stainless exhaust was the longer rev that allowed the bike to pull farther up top, both in the low and tall gears. Down low, we felt more power in first and second as well. Overall, the low gears pulled strong all the way through the band. On a more superficial front, we like the subtle, clean lines of Bill's exhaust cans—the quality build is obvious, while the overall look is subdued.

MISSES: In a perfect world, our stainless system would have boosted the low-end power a bit more; third gear still felt a tad sluggish off the bottom, so lugging third wasn't always a good idea, though once the rpms built up, the third pulled far longer.

THE VERDICT: We have always been fans of stainless systems. Though we love the Gucci-look of titanium and carbon, there is no denying the durability of stainless steel. Bill's quality construction shines through the heavier material, and the performance gains are far more important than a few grams of weight. For 500 bucks, you definitely can't go wrong with Bill's.

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