Product Report: Boyesen Shokout

The Boyesen Shokout comes with a set of Scott Half Waffle grips – which are excellent – but I swapped them out for a pair of my favorite ODI Ruffians.


PRICE: $89.95


The Boyesen Shokout is a product designed to reduce vibration transferred to your left hand and help reduce the strain transferred to your wrist by hard landings and impacts. Basically a throttle housing for your left grip, the Shokout rotates slightly forward and rearward like a throttle, with the resistance controlled by adjustable elastomers. Three weeks ago, I had my biggest crash in years and suffered – among other things – an injury to my left wrist. My orthopedic specialist classified it a “non-significant avulsion fracture” of my scaphoid. As soon as I heard the word, “scaphoid,” panic began to set in. Not the dreaded navicular bone! Thankfully, he explained it further and said that the ligament attached to the bone pulled a “small fleck” of bone off the scaphoid, and no surgery, cast, or even a brace was needed. Knowing well my passion for riding (he rides, too!), he said that when I could handle the pain, it would be okay to return to riding. To be honest, I’m shocked that I lasted three weeks, but it did hurt pretty bad… Today as I rode my first moto at Milestone MX, my wrist felt wimpy, not unlike an overcooked noodle. Every bump hurt a little bit, and I felt as if my wrist would fold forward under braking. After taping my wrist up, I felt much more comfortable on the track, but still, the slap-down landings and big braking bumps hurt a bit. That’s when I remembered that I had a Boyesen Shokout in my Tundra’s extra cab…


–       The bolt-on design of the Shokout eliminates grip glue and requires less than a minute to install.

–       Soft, medium, and firm elastomers are available to customize the feel of the Shokout. We preferred the firm elastomers in both forward and rearward adjustments options.

–       The flex in the Shokout is minimal, but just enough to do exactly what it is intended to: reduce vibration and take the sting out of hard impacts transferred to your left hand and wrist.

–       We believe that the Shokout will cause fewer blisters on our left hand than a standard bar-mounted grip. (Think about it; your throttle hand rarely gets blistered like your clutch hand.)


–       The Shokout elastomer housing is lower in profile than a throttle housing, but it could give some riders a “Yamathumb” style blister.

–       A set of Scott grips comes with the Shokout. If you want to replace them with your favorites, you must buy two pairs, as two throttle-side grips are required.

–     Mounted on our Kawasaki KX450F test bike, the left side of the handlebars are crowded with the addition of the Shokout.


The Shokout seems like a gimmicky product, but the theory behind it is solid and it really does exactly what it's intended to do. If you have an injured left wrist, the Shokout could be exactly what you've been wishing for to help reduce the strain on your weakened joint.