Product Report: BRP Chain Guide Block

APPLICATION: Most modern four-strokes (tested here on the 2009 KX450F)
COLORS: White/red and black/red
PRICE: $69.95

WHAT IT IS: While today's modern four-strokes are arguably some of the best MX machines available to the public, they do have downfalls. Despite all the power and performance, today's motocross bikes require a lot of maintenance, and not just to the motor but other aspects as well. On our 2009 KX450F test bike, we've already worn through the stock chain guide with as little as 10 hours on the hour meter. With this in mind, we went searching for something more durable and far more protective—enter the BRP chain guide block. Made from a high-tech frictionless polymer material that allows for better wear and a significant improvement in protection to the chain and sprocket, the BRP chain guide is designed to withstand nearly anything.

HITS: With our stock rubber and aluminum chain guide worn clean through to the metal, we installed the BRP polymer chain guide, and since then have had incredible performance and life out of the guide. The durable polymer material allows for less chain friction, improved durability from rocks and roost, and excellent wear and tear resistance. Even after numerous hours of riding logged on our bike since installing the guide, the amount of wear is minimal. And on a small side note, despite the guide being noticeable larger than the stock one, the weight increase is only slight, if at all. BRP also informed us that a swingarm chain slider is in the works—made from the same polymer material as the guide—which will offer the same amount of durability and performance as the chain guide.

(Above Photo): Here’s a shot from BRP of the new chain slider that should be available soon. Check back here for a test on it later.

MISSES: While the guide does an exceptional job of improving chain performance and durability, it is rather bulky. In the current world of motocross where the smaller and more blingy the better, the BRP chain guide could stand to lose a little fat. But then again if it does, it might not accomplish the goal of being more durable…

THE VERDICT: This is one tough chain guide. Despite being a little on the bulky side, the BRP guide offers everything that a chain guide should: better chain performance, improved durability from hard hits, and improved wear and tear resistance. If you're looking for an addition to your ride that will last a long time, pick up a BRP chain guide next time your stocker wears out. You won't be disappointed.

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