Product Report: Crusty Demons 14 – A Bloodthirsty Saga

Crusty Demons 14 – A Bloodthirsty Saga

Price: $29.95

Rating: 7.5

What it is: Crusty Demons 14 – A Bloodthirsty Saga is the latest installment from Jon Freeman and Dana Nicholson of Fleshwound Films. Crusty 14 takes you on a transatlantic journey throughout Australia and Europe to showcase some of the most unique and scenic riding spots in the world. Along the way Freeman and Nicholson captured Scott Murray continuously wrecking himself in his endeavors to land the infamous double backflip, while Seth Enlsow and Robbie Maddison were captured in their pursuit of jumping the furthest out of anyone on a dirt bike. Include that and the typical Crusty Demons shenanigans that we've all grown accustomed to and you have yourself Crusty Demons 14 – A Bloodthirsty Saga.

Hits: The staple of any Crusty film has always been the fast metal and punk rock music and for Crusty 14… nothing has changed. Aside from the solid soundtrack, the motion graphics have been improved dramatically, which was made evident in the opening scene of the film. The Flash O'Callahan Show, which is featured near the end of the flick, is one of those classic Crusty skits featuring moto film producer Adam Baker. Per usual, the skit is corny, but quite comical. And although the bonus footage is fairly short, it will offer up some laughs for a long time to come.

Misses: Throughout almost every Crusty film, traveling overseas to unique and exotic locations has been the standard. However, it's also been one of the weaker points of any Crusty film as the riding is reduced to splashing through puddles and wheeling over logs. Also, we couldn't help but feel that the guys at Fleshwound Films through this film together in a rather short period of time. The editing was poor, clips seemed to be reused multiple times, and some of the footage was out of focus. Crusty 14 also featured off-road truck racing and one complete scene dedicated to snowmobiles, which some may find to their liking; however, it only seemed to drag the film down as it interrupted its flow.

The Verdict: Compared to the original Crusty Demons, which was released in 1994, this latest installment simply does not live up to its full potential. Though it is difficult to create a sequel (or 14) that will rival the original, A Bloodthirsty Saga just isn't cutting it and seems to lack any creative thought. Don't get us wrong, however, as there are some impressive scenes, tons of crashes, and some gnarly tricks; but at a steep price tag of $29.95, this film should, at the very least, come loaded with extra bonus footage.