The EZ 2.0 glove made its competition debut at the 2012 Summer X Games, on the hands of riders like Taka Higashino, Nate Adams, Mike Mason, and Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg.



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Since its debut in 2010, Deft Family has created a whole new category in motocross apparel with its minimalist approach to gloves. Established apparel manufacturers have taken notice and added similar gloves to their lineups, and many new “glove only” start up companies have emerged. The 2013 line of Deft Family gloves was unveiled at the Summer X Games last month, and the most eye catching with the EZ 2.0 Catalyst 2, which was worn by gold medalists Taka Higashino, Mike Mason, and Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg. The graphic design of the EZ 2.0 glove is by Grand Junction, Colorado, based tattoo artist Erik “EZ” Campbell, and illustrated by Deft’s own Logan Darien. “EZ has done all of Logan’s tattoo work and about 90% of mine,” said Def co-owner Brian Foster. “He designed the original EZ glove last season; the one with the robot on it.”

At first, we feared that the abundant silicone designs on the palm and fingers would yield too much traction against the grip, but found that it was a welcome benefit.


– As always, the Deft Family gloves fit amazingly well. Every one of our test riders raved about the high comfort level, and none complained that the fingers were too long or too short. Finding a pattern that fits everyone is a huge accomplishment in itself.

– One of the great things we’ve always enjoyed about Deft Gloves is the non-existent break-in time that they require. We can literally take them out of the bag and go racing in a brand-new pair.

– The hook and loop wrist closure can be run as loose as you want, or really cinched down. We have a couple testers that have an unfounded fear of slipping out of their gloves, and the closure on the Catalyst 2 puts their minds at ease.

– The design of the EZ 2.0 is super cool. We’re sure that seeing them winning multiple gold medals on television didn’t hurt our perception of the newest design, but regardless: they are pretty dope.

– At first, we feared that the abundant silicone design work on the palms and fingers would yield too much traction against the grip and levers, but after a few motos we found it to be a welcome benefit.

– With no additional padding or design elements sewn onto the backside, the Catalyst 2 flows plenty of air and is super comfortable.

– For 2013, Deft Family returned to a Clarino synthetic leather in the palm area. The material provides great feel and traction, and holds up much, much better than other synthetic materials. Due to a shortage in Clarino prior to the 2012 production season, some of the ’12 Deft lineup did not feature Clarino and some gloves suffered from wear in the palm area. Problem fixed!

The backside of the Catalyst 2 glove flows plenty of air, as it has no additional padding or design panels sewn on. While this provides the greatest comfort, roost protection is minimal.


– The downside, of course, to a minimalist style glove, is its lack of roost protection. Back in the day, gloves used to feature plastic, foam, or even gel padding over the knuckle area, but the trend in today’s hand wear is definitely geared towards comfort. If you ride on rocky tracks, perhaps Deft Family gloves are not for you. Unless you run handguards, of course.


Deft Family EZ 2.0 Catalyst 2 Gloves...we'll take 'em!


Ninety percent of TransWorld Motocross’ staff and test riders favor Deft Family gloves. They are super comfortable, long wearing, and on the cutting edge of style.