PRICE: $50


For years, Dragon has been pumping out some original specs for all of us moto guys who may want to stand out from the rest. And like the customers they cater to, Dragon has recently stepped out on their own. Once a fledgling within an empire, Dragon has emerged independent once again. With its newfound independence, Dragon offers up the Vendetta, an entirely new frame design with a monstrous strap. This particular Vendetta model features a frame colorway reminiscent of a Mexican blanket, no doubt inspired by Hot Sauce himself. Also, the insanely wide strap boasts graphics that are very “south of the border” as well.

HITS: The most obvious departure from the original Dragon frame is the addition of outrigger strap attachments. In the past, Dragon has struck to a more traditional strap to frame marriage, but the outrigger is a welcomed addition to compensate for the countless helmet shapes out there. We really liked the fitment in the helmets we tried with the Vendetta. We experienced a good seal around the face as well as good goggle/face opening clearance. Another standout feature is the price. At 50 bucks, the signature Vendetta is far cheaper than most of the other LTD signature frames out there.

MISSES: Although Hot Sauce is the one who needs to like the design (‘cuz it’s his signature goggle and all), we weren’t all that pumped on the Mexican blanket frame in correlation with the black and white strap…but that is just us.

THE VERDICT: The new outrigger system is a welcomed change and the wide strap sets the Vendetta apart from the other companies. Now, we weren’t blown away by the design elements, but there are other colorways out there to choose from. However, if you want to wave the Tedesco flag, you better be ready to go south of the border. For 50 dollars, you can’t go wrong.