Product Report: EVS Sports RS8 Pro Knee Braces

EVS Sports RS8 Pro Knee Braces

Availability: Size Small - Extra Large

Price: $479 Per Pair

What It Is

Armor and support goliath EVS Sports took its proven RS8 knee braces back to the drawing board for the company's latest offering, the RS8 Pro. Carbon fiber pieces beef up the injection-molded frame and create a lightweight, yet rigid, support system that can be tailored to fit every racer in just moments.


– The carbon fiber pieces give the flexible plastic frame much-needed structure, without tipping the scales, and absorb energy rather than simply bending.

– With anatomically correct hinges and dual defense knee cups, the braces protect vulnerable areas (lateral movement, hyperextension) but do not sacrifice mobility or comfort.

– Velcro straps keep the units steady while ratchet clasps give an added option of adjustment. The braces lock in place without putting extreme pressure on the leg.

– Range of motion can be expanded or limited by adjusting the hyperextension lockouts. An assortment of sizes come included for those who would like to limit their knees' movements.


– The multiple points of adjustment make the braces somewhat bulky. We tested a pair of medium-size braces but had trouble squeezing into a pair of size-11 boots. The culprit is the lower ratchet and its position.

– Knee braces are murder on pants, and the RS8 Pro's are no different. The lower ratchet is to blame for two holes while the hinges chewed away at the leather knees.

The Verdict

The RS8 Pro braces do a great job at bridging the gap between the premium knee braces and the economy line of protection. With an array of adjustments, a comfortable fit, and a high degree of protection, the revamped units fill the order with being too heavy or uncomfortable.