All current motocross bikes (shown here on 2009 Suzuki RM-Z450)
PRICE: $99.99 (kit includes seat cover)
WHAT IT IS: Face Lift Unlimited is a relatively new player in the world of aftermarket motorcycle graphics. Still, FLU is the largest graphics company in the United Kingdom, where it provides the graphics to the powerful CAS Honda race team. Stateside, FLU sponsors the Muscle Milk/MDK and Jagermeister/MDK KTM factory teams, as well as the Monster Energy/Cernic's/Kawasaki squad.
HITS: Unlike the larger players in silk-screened graphics in the United States (as opposed to fully custom digital graphics), Face Lift Unlimited turns to Asia to have its graphics mass-produced. Perhaps it is this—and the different adhesives and printing processes used overseas—that gives FLU graphics a distinctively different feel. Though the vinyl is of the same 8mil thickness as the offerings from the major players in bike graphics, they have a more pliable feel. Furthermore, the adhesive adheres fast and strong, making the whole installation-process a cinch. In fact, we were able to install this graphic kit on our 2009 Suzuki RM-Z450 test bike in under 40 minutes…without a heat gun! That's right, even the numberplate background for the pesky right sidepanel—which is curved to accommodate the muffler—went on easily without requiring heat to soften it. Furthermore, having also removed a worn out set from another test bike, we can attest to the fact that the graphics come off just as cleanly as they went on, leaving no sticky adhesive residue behind.

MISSES: Though we love the looks of this graphic kit on our Suzuki, taste is—as always—a completely individual thing. FLU's designs are definitely on the wilder, busy side, and more conservative riders may not find the designs to their liking.
THE VERDICT: Face Lift Unlimited may not be a big name in the United States graphics market, but it should be. FLU's products are some of the best we've worked with when it comes to bike graphics.
Call 661/256-2313 or visit www.fludesigns.com