PRICE | $229.99 each; $449.99 pair
SIZES | Small – Extra Extra Large

Leatt has offered a wide variety of protection gear for a number of years, from neck braces to knee braces. Though obtaining the proper protection gear can easily empty your wallet, Leatt offers a more affordable brace is almost every category. The Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace is a well-developed brace at a more affordable price, as it is not their high-end knee brace. Although the X-Frame knee brace is more on the cost-friendly side, it still features a carbon composite frame, metal geared hinges, and more high-end components. Combined with a comfortable fitting strap system and interchangeable hinge pads, the X-Frame delivers everything you'd expect out of a high-end knee brace, but for a more affordable cost.

– The X-Frame knee brace costs just under $230, which is nearly half the price of many other knee braces.

– Leatt numbers the straps from 1-4, ensuring a proper fit when you put on the brace and makes adjusting the knee brace easy.

– The low profile shin bone pad fits inside of every boot with ease.

– The hinge on the inside of your leg is 40% slimmer, which provides the rider with superior bike feel.

– The strap system is extremely comfortable and easy fitting, which helps make the brace feel non-existent while riding.

– The X-Frame braces are relatively light in weight, which surprised us being as the brace isn't Leatt's carbon knee brace.

– Although the top and bottom sections of the knee brace are slimmer, the middle section of the knee brace, which covers your patella, is raised a touch and often gets caught while putting on your pants. And in some cases, the more athletic and slim-fitting pants were nearly impossible to put over the brace.

Protection is a growing science within our sport, as the braces are becoming more and more advanced and effective. Though, with the increase in protection comes the increase in price. The Leatt X-Frame Knee Braces provide a rider with the proper protection for their knees, all while not emptying the wallet. With the advanced components and comfortability, the X-Frame braces are well worth a look.