APPLICATION: All modern MXers
PRICE: $29.95

The Fenderbench is designed to fit over the rear fender of a motocross bike. It can accommodate almost all of today’s popular dirt bike sizes and types. It is designed to be lightweight, effective, and easily installed. The Fenderbench itself is surrounded by a 1-1/2″ lip with six separate sections inside that allow parts from different areas of work to be kept together, yet separate, during the phases of a mechanics project. A 1-1/2″ flexible Velcro strap secures the Fenderbench to the fender securely.

– Fits on any bike in an instant.
– Features separated bins to keep bolts from mixing.
– T-handle wrenches hang from Fenderbench corners for easy access.
– Utilizes rear fender so you can still remove seat to access air filter, etc. without removing the Fenderbench.
– It’s lightweight and has a convenient handle.
– Can facilite up to four screwdrivers at a time.

– There is no cupholder for our beer.

Sure, you can continue to throw your T-handles and screwdrivers into the slots of your pegs, and balance bolts on the seat or fender, but it all ends up lost or on the ground eventually. For 30 bucks, the Fenderbench will eliminate some of that potential for a meltdown in the track parking lot. It fits, it works…why not?