Product Report: FMF/JGR LTD Edition 4.1 RCT System

FMF/JGR LTD Edition 4.1 RCT System
Availability: Only On The 2010-2012 Yamaha YZ450F
Price: $999.99


This system is the latest and greatest from FMF Racing and an exact replica of the systems used by the JGR/Toyota/Yamaha race team. The system incorporates the newest resonance chamber technology and was developed in conjunction with JGR riders. Perhaps the most noticeable difference on this system is the new military silver woven carbon fiber end cap, but the internal workings of the systems are made to exact JGR specifications. Each system is also numbered, commemorating the collaboration.


– Built in the USA to the highest standards that we've come to expect from FMF.

– Installation was a breeze, as we didn't have any trouble bolting the system up to our YZ450F.

– The sound is throatier than stock, but isn't too loud.

– The system maintains the stock bike's already impressive low-end grunt, but adds to the top-end pull.

– New silver end cap looks very trick and adds to the "exclusivity" of the JGR/FMF collaboration.

– The muffler is shorter and tucked in farther behind the side panel than stock.

– Durability is excellent.


– Even though installing the complete system was easy, we found it to be a tight squeeze to get the MegaBomb header to fit between the frame and shock spring.


We've long been fans of the exhaust systems that FMF has produced, but this limited edition JGR/FMF system is one of the best we've used. Not only does it add power to our YZ450F in all the right places, but it looks much cooler than stock and standard FMF systems.