SIZES: 8-13
COLORS: White/red
PRICE: $549.95

The all-new Fox Instinct boots.

The Fox Instinct Boot has been in development for three years, and is without a doubt the flagship in the Fox boot line. Featuring an articulated hinge in the ankle for both comfort and protection, the Instinct also boasts an exclusive Duratac rubber outsole, hinge cover and heat guard, plus a steel shank for support, and an athletic-footwear fit and padding inside. Free-floating pin-and-lock system buckles, combined with a Velcro-free top gaiter, are designed to offer easy operation and the greatest unrestricted range of motion possible.

-Very high level of comfort inside the boot, thanks to ample padding around your entire foot.
-Hinged ankle requires no break-in whatsoever. We opened the box, rode morning practice, and raced in the Instinct with no issues, whatsoever.
-For the most part, the buckles are easy to operate and adjust.
-The Duratac rubber sole provides great traction on the foot peg, yet resists premature wear. We've ridden in an early production set for three months on a set of sharp titanium pegs and have barely been able to mark the sole at all.
-Duratac hinge cover and burn guards provide excellent traction against the bike, eliminating the need for grip tape or traction pads.
-Curved design of the top of the boot allows for a positive seal and a great grip on the bottom of the knee braces.
-In spite of the athletic footbed insert, polyurethane mid-sole layer, and steel support shank, the Instinct provides a great feel for the pegs and does not isolate your foot from the bike when new.

For the most part, the buckles are very easy to use.

-The bottom buckle, at times, was hard to operate when new or encrusted with mud. After washing the boots, we've started to hit the buckle with a squirt of Maxima SC-1 silicone spray; the same stuff we use on our bike fenders. [Editor’s note: this has been remedied in production. We rode in a brand-new set today and this was not a problem at all.]

The top gaiter doesn't use Velcro and is designed to move with the rider. The design also still does a great job of keeping dirt out.

We've long been believers in the hinged ankle boot design, as it offers better roll and twist protection than a standard ankle boot, while at the same time yielding greater comfort and mobility. Fox has taken a proven design element and evolved it into the most impressive new premium boot we've worn in years. When it comes to comfort, protection, durability, and style, the Instinct has raised the bar.