Product Report: Fox V4 Helmet

Fox V4 Helmet
Sizes: Extra Small – Extra, Extra Large
Colors: Carbon Flight, Red Future, Rockstar, and RC Monster
Price: $549.95 – $574.95

What It Is

The Fox V4 helmet is the newest addition to Fox’s helmet lineup and is the latest evolution of the company’s popular V3 helmet. The aspects that set the V4 apart from the V3 are extensive, though, and contain years of engineering and product testing, culminating in the helmet you see today. In fact, this helmet was extensively race tested by the Geico Powersports Honda team, Chad Reed, and Ryan Dungey during the 2011 season. The V4 features a dual EPS liner for increased safety, four unique shell sizes to fit a larger range of riders, a carbon fiber composite shell that is built to withstand and absorb hard hits, improved ventilation with 16 intake and eight exhaust ports built into the helmet that include four goggle intake ports to eliminate goggle fog, and lastly a five-year warranty, making the helmet enticing for almost anyone.


– The helmet fits much better and more comfortably than the V3.

– Sizing is spot on.

– The ventilation is definitely noticeable and helps during long, hot motos.

– The goggle port fits most goggles very well and provides plenty of peripheral vision.

– In the event of a crash, the cheek pads can be removed easily, making it easier to remove the helmet and prevent further injury to the rider.

– Helmet works well with neck braces, providing enough clearance, but also hits the braces to stop neck movement correctly.

– The chin bar is close to your face and gives a good sense of protection.

– Carbon composite shell construction makes the V4 one of the lightest helmets on the market.

– Colorways are clean and cool looking.

– Quality of craftsmanship is very good.


– Some riders complained that the V4 doesn’t muffle noise very well.

– Depending on your head shape, the V4 can cause a pressure point on the top of your forehead.

The Verdict

It’s not often that we product report helmets, but the V4 was definitely worth our time. The new helmet provides excellent protection and the quality is on par with many of the other high-end helmets on the market. If you are looking for a helmet that not only looks good, but also is lightweight and provides a superior level of protection, look no further than the Fox V4.