Product Report: Gaerne SG-10 Boot

TransWorld Motocross has spent the better part of the past two months thrash testing their new Gaerne SG-10 boots, and during that time we’ve learned a lot about the new space-age looking boot.


If you’ve ever suffered an ankle injury while riding, chances are good that you do a lot more research than the average consumer when it comes to purchasing your next set of motocross boots. Having suffered a seriously sprained ankle last year from catching my toe in a rut and twisting my ankle outward and backwards, I’ve been very cautious of wearing boots that do not offer the uttermost protection against twisting and rolling of my ankles. That said; I was excited when a pair of new Gaerne SG-10 boots showed up at the TransWorld Motocross offices.


Sporting an externally hinged, rigid plastic exoskeleton design, the SG-10 utilizes the same protection principal as the Sidi Force boot, which is another one of my favorites. The SG-10, however, has taken that design to a whole new level as the hinged support system actually encases a complete leather boot beneath it. The hinged system makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to either roll your ankle or twist it, side to side. Again, if you’ve ever suffered an ankle injury, you know that these are two of the worst ways to damage your ankle joint. Up and down flexibility of the ankle joint is the only motion really required when riding a motocross bike and the SG-10’s hinged design is much easier to break in than a traditional, non-hinged boot. Because it does have a stand-alone leather boot beneath the hinged support system, the SG-10 does feel stiffer than the Sidi Force when it comes to up and down flexibility. Initially, I was skeptical about the extra stiffness of the boot in this area, but once I rode in it I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed the extra support. Furthermore, the boot is easy to break in and became completely comfortable within only a matter of laps.


The buckle system is easy to operate and adjust, and cinching the boots shut doesn’t require any special routines like tucking in a flap here and there first: just slip them on and buckle them shut. Internally, the ankle area of the boot is lined with thick foam padding that forms to the contours of your ankle. Though there is no bootie system in the SG-10, it is easily one of the most comfortable boots on the market. Unlike many boots, there are no offensive creases in the boot that poke or prod your ankles. In fact, these are among the most comfortable boots—out of the box—that I have ever put on.


How do the SG-10s stand the test of time? Though we’ve only had our test pairs for a couple months now, I have put in a solid 20 days of riding in them; aboard bikes with sharp, aftermarket footpegs. Thus far, the soles are holding up great and show no signs of premature wear, and the boots themselves have maintained the same level of support that they arrived at once they were broken in. The Gaerne SG-10 has set the standard by which we will now measure all motocross boots.


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