Product Report: ODI Emig V2 Lock-On Grips

Product Report: ODI Emig V2 Lock-On Grips

COLORS: Black/white, grey/graphite, red/white, blue/white, orange/white, lime green/white, pink/white, and black/yellow
PRICE: $24.95

The ODI Emig V2 Lock-On grips are very easy to install. The clutch side is held on by one bolt, keeping the grip in place indefinitely.

The ODI Emig V2 Lock-On grip is the latest offering from the popular grip company and was designed in collaboration with former motocross and Supercross Champion Jeff Emig. The grip features a lock-on system that holds the clutch side grip in place with one simple bolt. The throttle side is molded to the throttle tube and comes complete with either a two- or four-stroke throttle cam, making installation on any bike a breeze. The grips are designed to be easily installed and durable.

-Once old grips are removed, installation only takes minutes
-Installing the throttle side is just as simple as the clutch side, especially with the included throttle cam
-Grips don't lose hold and begin spinning like grips that are glued/safety wired on
-Grips are very durable. In the event of a crash the grip ends can tear, but don't interfere with the throttle function
-The variety of colors means there is a grip that will match any brand of motorcycle available
-V2 Lock-On grips are also available in regular non-Emig branded patterns if you want a plain black grip
-The Emig half-waffle isn’t too aggressive of a pattern, which is good for riders who prefer a grip with less waffle

The throttle side comes with either a two- or four-stroke cam, and like the clutch side, it is very easy to install.

-Some testers complained that the grips seemed to have a slightly larger overall diameter than other half-waffle grips
-The white portion on these grips gets dirty quickly, however, it can be cleaned easily with a light application of contact cleaner and a rag
-We would really like the grips to be available in other patterns or compounds—full diamond or full waffle; soft, medium, and hard compounds.

Our set of ODI Emig V2 Lock-On grips have clearly seen quite a few miles. This photo of our well-used throttle side grip demonstrates, though, that even if the end of it is torn, the throttle will still function and dirt won’t get inside.

The ODI Emig V-2 Lock-On grips are a great idea and simplify the process of grip installation. They also last much longer than standard grips, as crashes don't tear the ends completely off and the bonded nature of the lock-on grips keep them from spinning and losing hold on the bars. The included throttle tube also makes it easy to change from a stock throttle tube to a new one.