Product Report: One Industries Defcon Gear

COLORS: Nostalgia (shown), Contaminant, Constellation, Ripper yellow, Ripper purple, black, red, navy, Trixle, Empire gray, Empire orange, and Rockstar
SIZES: 28-38 (pants), S-XXL (jersey
PRICE: $160 (pants), $50 (jersey)

One Industries has just released some new colorways for spring. The one pictured here is the Nostalgia.

WHAT IT IS: The Defcon line of gear is One Industries' high-end line and tailored to the serious racer. The pants feature a pre-curved design for the perfect fit, semi-mesh panels, and a rear yoke for optimized comfort. The knees are beefed up with full grain leather and 1000D Kordura is added to the high-wear saddle areas for added durability. The cuffs on the pants also feature a minimalistic design for added comfort. The jersey is equally as tailor made and is constructed from a multi-panel design that helps conform to the rider, specifically placed mesh panels for cooling, and cuffless sleeves for added comfort.

-Fit is spot on.
-Pants are much lighter than Defcon gear of the past.
-Rear yoke helps to hold the pants in place when motoing.
-Pre-curved design of the pants make them fit comfortably and keeps them from bunching up in awkward places.
-Jersey fits very comfortable with the multi-panel design.
-Mesh panels in both the pants and jersey do help with cooling.
-Jersey stays tucked in.
-Cuffless design on the jersey makes it very comfortable and even lighter.
-New colorways are very cool and eye-catching.

-While comfortable, the multi-panel jersey design does add some more weight.
-There are still some unnecessary TPR logos that we could do without on the knees.

In the past, we haven't been huge fans of One Industries' gear--it's been heavy, bulky, and just didn't fit as well as other gear on the market. The newest version of the Defcon gear, however, is some of the lightest gear we've worn in a while, and it's nice to see that One has done away with the added TPR logos on the pants and overly padded up jersey of the past. This new gear not only looks very cool, but it fits well and will withstand nearly any abuse you can throw at it.