Product Report: One Industries One ID Semi-Custom Graphics

PRICE: $230 plus $40 set up fee

One Industries makes it possible for you to customize your graphics kit like the TWMX kit shown here.

One Industries is one of the leaders in the graphic business, but within the past few years One has introduced One ID Semi-Custom graphics kits. These kits allow you to fully customize the look of your bike. All you have to do is choose from the vast library of graphics kits that One offers, add your number and logos, and wait for it to arrive on your door step. The kit includes graphics for the shrouds, fenders, fork guards, swingarm, and number plates.

You can add any sponsor logos to the graphics that you want.

-Looks of the graphics and backgrounds are clean and race inspired
-Fit and finish of graphics and backgrounds is excellent
-Application is smooth and easy
-Being able to customize your graphics with your sponsor logos and numbers allows you to have a truly factory look
-Comes with every piece of graphic you could possible need for your bike
-Graphics are very durable and last for a long time

-On the Yamaha, installing the exhaust side rear side panel is a very difficult process even with the slit cut into the graphic. This is, however, a problem with any graphics for a Yamaha.

The Semi-Custom kit comes with graphics for the fenders, swingarm, fork guards, shrouds, and number plates.

We have long been fans of One Industries' graphics kits, but being able to customize the graphics makes us even bigger fans. Not only are you able to update the look of your bike, you can also make it your own. It goes without saying, if your bike is looking a little worn out, go online and order a new set now.