COLORS: Red (pictured), and green
SIZES: 28-36 (pant), S-XXL (jersey), XS-XXL (gloves)
PRICE: $185 (pant), $60 (jersey), $33 (gloves)

The One Industries 2014 Vapor Stratum gear is extremely comfortable and lightweight.

The Stratum Vapor gear is now in its second year of production for One Industries and is designed to be the lightest and most form-fitting gear on the market. The Stratum pant is made from polyester with leather knees to protect against heat and help grip the bike along with a full Kordura rear seat panel. The pant also has adjustable Velcro straps on the sides to insure a secure fit along with a Velcro/button closure in the front. The absence of TPR logos on the legs makes this pant extremely light. The jersey is also constructed from polyester with a mesh back panel for added cooling during hot motos. For extra comfort, the jersey is also tailor cut and is cuffless so the sleeves don't bunch up. Lastly, the Vapor Stratum gloves are very minimalist. The palm of the gloves are even vented and made from a perforated Clarino material. On top of the gloves, there are no heavy logos and the gloves slip on without a Velcro closure.

The back of the jersey is fully vented, while the pant features a Kordura rear panel.

-The pant, jersey, and gloves are all extremely lightweight and breathable
-Pant fits very comfortably and doesn't move around while riding
-Pant doesn't slip and gives the rider good feel on the bike
-Front closure on pant doesn't open while riding
-Velcro adjustment straps on sides of pant make it possible to custom fit the pant
-Jersey is well vented and cool
-Jersey remains tucked in thanks to the longer back tail
-Fit and comfort of the jersey is second to none
-Gloves are very comfortable
-Palm of gloves don't bunch up

The gloves are lightweight and have no logos on the top. The palm is a perforated Clarino material with a printed silicone logo for added grip.

-Gloves offer little to no protection from roost
-Pant can tear easier with no added knee or thigh logos
-Price is a little steep

If you're a serious racer looking to cut weight in any possible way, the One Industries Vapor Stratum gear is exactly what you're looking for. As a complete kit, the Vapor gear is some of the lightest and most comfortable gear that we've ever worn, and on a hot day, it's almost a must have.