The Ti-5 muffler is a long as the stocker, but the performance is substantially improved.

Pro Circuit TI-5 Carbon Exhaust Sytem
PRICE: $999.95
APPLICATION: All modern MX bikes (tested here on 2013 Kawasaki KX250F)


The Ti-5 Race Systems are constructed of titanium throughout the muffler can, header and mid-pipe areas. Designed for optimum performance, riders will enjoy increased horsepower while still meeting the 2M Max sound requirements. Unlike other Pro Circuit exhaust systems, the Ti-5 offers consumers the choice between a titanium or carbon fiber end cap. Additionally, the asymmetrical muffler configuration maximizes packing volume to ensure sustained performance.

The Ti-5 is offered with either titanium or carbon fiber end caps. We went for the bling!


-Right out of the box, the Pro Circuit TI-5 exhaust system bolted up perfectly to our 2013 Kawasaki KX250F. The fit and finish are flawless.

– The new Kawasaki four-stroke is already a fire breather in stock condition, but after the TI-5 was mounted on it, the bike became even more potent. As we  exited corners, it was easy to send the front wheel skyward. As a result, jumps right out of corners were easily manageable.

-The PC system allows the bike to pull further in each gear before signing off.

-The carbon fiber end-cap is not only light, it looks factory!

-Pro Circuit includes an additional silencer packing kit within the box.

-This system also meets both the AMA and FIM two meter max sound requirement.


– Coming in at almost a grand in price, the Pro Circuit TI-5 might scare you away from purchasing it.

– Without busting out a postage scale, we’d guess that the weight savings over stock is minimal.

The header pipe utilizes a traditional flange, coupled with a pair of springs to hold it in place.


When we first threw our leg over our 2013 Kawasaki KX250F, we were doubtful that an aftermarket exhaust could turn this fire-breather into something much greater. However, the Pro Circuit TI-5 Carbon exhaust system immediately proved us wrong. From long straights to tight corners, we were hanging on to the bike as it powered away. However, with a price tag of $999.95, you might be more willing to hold onto your wallet. But, if you are serious about getting the most optimal performance out of your machine, this pipe is for you. So, don’t go to the starting line already at a disadvantage, and upgrade your stock system with a Pro Circuit TI-5 Carbon.