Pro Taper Profile Clutch Perch
Application: All Late-Model MX Bikes
Price: $69.99, $89.99 (With Hot-Start Lever)

What It Is
The new Pro Taper Profile clutch perch is PT’s first foray into the clutch perch market. The perch features a quick adjust star knob for on-the-fly adjustability complete with a full-coverage rubber boot to keep dirt out, a sealed pivot bearing in the lever, a Teflon sleeve that allows the perch to rotate in the event of a crash, and is made entirely from 6061 forged T6 aluminum.


– Sealed lever bearing provides a very positive feel and pull.

– Entire perch assembly actually smoothes out the clutch pull, making the lever easier to pull in.

– On-the-fly adjustable star knob allows for easy clutch adjustment mid moto.

– Black anodized finish looks very cool.

– Durable and can withstand almost anything.

– The optional integrated hot-start lever works well and helps to keep the lever from being mounted on the bars.

– Teflon sleeve allows the perch to spin rather than break in the event of a crash.

– For what you receive, the price is very affordable.


– If you fall a lot, the black finish will look worn quickly.

– Picky test riders noticed the clutch lever felt slightly fatter than stock.

The Verdict

There are a lot of options when it comes to clutch perches, but the Pro Taper Profile perch is one of the best. It’s affordable, looks good, and has performance to match. We are running these perches on a few of our test bikes and have yet to run into any issues.