PRODUCT REPORT: Shift Chad Reed A1 LE Racewear

PRICE: $169.95 (pant), $54.95 (jersey)

SIZES: 28-38 (pant), S-XXL (jersey)

Without a doubt, one of the coolest perks of being a magazine editor is getting to see a lot of the cool bikes, parts, and riding gear before the public. In the instance of Chad Reed’s special Anaheim 1 Shift MX riding gear, we actually got to get our grubby hands on a set on New Year’s Day, when we met up with Fox Racing’s Warren Johnson to bring in the new year right…on our dirt bikes!

Ever since Reedy signed with Shift and launched TwoTwo Motorsports, he’s consistently been one of the most stylish riders on the track. Reed’s signature 22 line is clean, asymmetrical, and features large color blocks that are cool and classy at the same time. At Anaheim 1, however, CR debuted this bright, bold set of limited edition gear that definitely made it easy to spot him out on the track. Though much flashier than his previous kits, the A1 LE gear remains tasteful and stylish. Throughout the season, Reed will debut several sets of limited edition gear that will go on sale the Monday after the race. It’s already been one week since Anaheim 1, and we’re betting that you’re already running out of time to get a set of this stuff for yourself.

The Shift Faction A1 LE Jersey costs $54.95.

Back in the day, jerseys were little more than long-sleeved T-shirts with ironed-on logos. No more! The Faction jersey is built from many different panels, and the shape of the jersey is built with an articulated fit to match the riding position. The back panel of the jersey is vented to provide airflow, and the minimalist cuffs at the wrist are both comfortable and unrestrictive. We’ve already muddied and washed our entire gear set a half-dozen times, and can attest to the fact that both the pant and jersey maintain their vivid colors and resist both fading and shrinking.

The Shift Faction A1 LE pant costs $169.95.

The Shift Faction pant – like its sister Fox 360 pant – is  one of the most comfortable motocross pants money can buy. Like the jersey, the pant is built of multiple panels that match the body’s riding position. The back never pulls down, the knees feature just enough room for braces, and the crotch doesn’t pinch or bind. The leather knee panels offer excellent burn protection and ample traction for gripping your bike. Thanks to very few rubber patches, the pants are unrestrictive and light, and strategically placed venting and elastic panels make this pant comfortable on many different levels.

Obviously, we’re huge fans of the Shift Faction A1 LE riding gear, and that’s for many reasons: look, its fit, feel, and function. If you want a set, we suggest that you visit now.

The Fox Racing Reed A1 Replica Instinct Boot costs $549.95.

On a sidenote, the matching Fox Racing Instinct Boot that Reedy wore is also available at At our local tracks, people always ask us if the Instinct is as good as we wrote when we declared it one of TransWorld Motocross’ Products of the Year. The answer? A resounding, “YES!” Simply put, the Instinct is the best  boot we’ve ever ridden in. When it comes to instant comfort, protection, durability and styling, it has no equal.