Product Report: Shoei VFX-W

Price: $613.99
Colors: Krack (shown), Grant, K-Dub3, K-Dub2, Werx, Brilliant Yellow, Light Silver, Pure Orange, Salute, black, white, and Matte black

The Shoei VFX-W comes in multiple colorways. The Krack colorway is shown here.

What It Is: 
The VFX-W is Shoei's top-of-the-line off-road motorcycle helmet and made to withstand the rigors of motocross. Built with Shoei's proprietary AIM+ shell technology that combines fiberglass and organic fibers designed to absorb and distribute forces with greater efficiency, the VFX-W sets safety above anything else. The helmet also features a dual-layer EPS liner that further enhances safety and protection. The VFX-W comes with a removable and washable liner that has an Emergency Quick Release System, which allows the cheek pads to be removed quickly and easily. Lastly, the VFX-W boasts an extensive ventilation system designed to better cool the rider during long hot motos.

-Fit and finish are top notch on the VFX-W
-Multiple colorways available for anyone's taste
-Ventilation system provides good airflow on hot days and kept us cool on hot days
-Removable and washable liner allows you to keep your helmet fresh
-Over the years, we've crashed in the VFX-W numerous times and can attest to its high level of protection
-The helmet is lightweight
-Does a good job of muffling noise
-Comes with a helmet bag

-Some testers felt that the scoop on the back of the helmet made wearing some neck braces difficult, as the helmet hit the rear table of the brace sooner, restricting movement

The Verdict:
If you are in the market for a high-end helmet, look no further than the Shoei VFX-W. It's lightweight, looks cool, and provides excellent protection. Sure, it's an expensive helmet, but can you really put a price on your head? You only have one.