COLORS: Acid W3 and White Data
PRICE: $65

Even though upstart companies with lower prices have saturated the goggle game in recent years, the iconic names of the sport are still the most technologically advanced. They carry ideas and information from the other sports they support into each product, and the quality improves each time. One brand with a pedigree in eyewear is Smith Optics, and their knowledge is evident in their high-end offering, the V.2 Sweat-X. Soft, absorbent F.A.T. foam lines the ergonomic frame, and an all-new lens dubbed "The Blackout" completes a goggle that is perfect for summer. The new lens was released on August 1st and is currently offered in two frames: Acid W3 and White Data.


– Everything about the goggle is bold. The design of the frame and lens appears large, and the Acid's all-over print in neon green grabs attention. The White Data colorway is more subdued, but is still eye-catching.

There is nothing shy about the Acid W3 colorway. Neon colors and black prints cover the strap and frame, and the detail in the print is impressive.

– The Blackout lens is perfectly named. Its dark finish is practically mirrored, and the tint is great for bright days at the track. Because the lens is not colored, your surroundings are not cast in a red/blue/green hue. The view is similar to riding in a pair of sunglasses.

– The triple-layer F.A.T. foam is very absorbent, but remains soft. One of our test riders is a very heavy sweater and has had issues with soaking through the foams of other brands, but said they had no issues with the Smith foam.

The three layers of F.A.T. foam are supple and can absorb persperation from even the heaviest of sweaters. No longer do you need to steal a pad of your girl’s from under the sink.

– Because the outriggers of the frame are placed farther back, there is no chance of seeing them when stealing a glance out of the side of your eye.

– We've worn the V.2 goggles in a number of helmets, and they fit in each eye port without issue. The wide band of silicone that lines the inside of the strap locks it in place on slick finishes, and a quick tug on the back can tighten or loosen the feel to a rider's personal preference.

– A standard clear lens, complete with tear-off posts, is included. Roll-offs can easily be attached by popping off the tear-off posts and mounting in the canisters, but buying a third lens and keeping it your bag is a wise option. All lenses in the Fuel line fit into the V.2 frame.

The size of the V.2 allows it to fit in every helmet without issue, but it is a bit smaller than other full sized frames.


– The V.2 fits into a number of helmets with ease because it is smaller than some adult goggles. How a goggle feels is a personal preference, but this is something worth mentioning.

– The Blackout lens is great for sunny days, but is too much for when the skies turn overcast or cloudy. Without maximum light, things become a bit too dark.

– Currently only two colorways come complete with the new lens, but buying them alone is possible through the Smith catalog.

Sure, they may be contrasting with an all black helmet, but the colors of the V.2 goggle stand out on their own. The all-new Blackout lens is similar to a sunglasses tint, making it perfect for sunny days at the track.


The V.2 Sweat frame has already proven itself, and the new lens and color options have earned it a permanent place in our gear bag. The Blackout lens is incredible in bright conditions, the foam sucks up sweat without issue, and vision is unobstructed.